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we specialize

In custom

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Make your ideas become reality

Our gifted team offers dedicated guidance to ensure ideas effectuated in safe helping hands. We encourage close and honest collaboration, that enables partners to profit from our flair for promotional merchandising.

It’s simple: Offpiste does not settle with generalized rushed service. We operate with close attention, and strive to understand how we might exceed expectations through authentic solutions.

Let the product harmonize with the tone of your business

We specialize in customizing the features of a product. You can unite product and business, by choosing colors that accommodate your existing color theme. Or have you considered letting your customers bring a piece of your business home, by having your logo imprinted?

Design for your convenience

We are happy to send design proposals, allowing you to make a calm decision on the end-result from your own computer screen. We even offer our partners the opportunity to receive a 3-D version of the design, allowing complete visualization.

A selection from
our cases

"Offpiste sees the big picture and they care about service. They help us to find the right products to the right price. They know what needs known about business in amusement parks in Europe, and I really like working with experts, that is honest and engaged. "

"I believe good and honest dialogue is the best recipe for a good result. Offpiste are always helpful, and they wouldn’t dream of launching a product before I am totally satisfied with what I get. That’s why I choose Offpiste to make our promotional merchandise."

"Offpiste delivers promotional items and packaging for us. They are effective and always provide thorough service. I don’t perceive them as a supplier, but more like a business partner. I appreciate that they understand that quality is important for me. They always support me with good suggestions that ensures the best results. It’s simply good value for money."

"I am very impressed by our partnership, and your wide selection of slush ice cups. You are effective, honest and service minded, and you were able to find exactly what I had in mind. You kept your deadlines and the price was good. I have an amusement park full of glad visitors, I will definitely use you the next time."

"I have used many different suppliers and I have often wasted time on purchasing promotional packaging. From now on I will leave it for Offpiste to deal with that sort of thing. Thanks for a great collaboration with proposals and ideas. You’d almost have to think you are a part of my own company, with that level of commitment. You have an ability to think about opportunities and always find the right product to the right price."